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Welcome to winged-victory.net, Destinie's fanlisting collective. I had tried over the course of several years to get into fanlistings but was always on the edge of whether or not to run them or own a collective but now I decided to give in. Here you will find all the fanlistings that I currently own and the fanlistigs for subjects I like! Fanlistings are fun because it gives you a way to see what someone's interests are in a glimpse.

For any visitor who doesn't know what fanlistings are: they are websites that list fans from all over the world for a specific subject, and there are fanlistings for almost anything you can think of! Their sole purpose is simply to list fans and display the list of fans for all visitors to see. If you are a fan, you too can get your name listed for your favorite subject(s)!


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A quick note that many pages of this site are currently under construction and I apologize for that. Please check back now and then as I hope to get the rest of the site done soon. Image credit goes to Minitokyo.net for the scan of Loki from Kamigami no Asobi.