About the Domain

Winged-victory.net was originally purchased as my art blog site a few years back and was named after the sculpture Winged Victory, or otherwise known as Nike of Samothrace. I haven't stopped doing art, in fact, I post most of my drawings on my tumblr for now but I wanted to take this domain to a different direction. I always wanted to get into fanlistings and figured this would be a more appropriate use of this space as I work on reinventing my professional presence online.

This domain is hosted by Asmallorange.com, a reliable webhost. And the version you are currently viewing is the first. It features Loki from the anime Kamigami no Asobi and the scan is from Minitokyo. Fonts brought to you by Google Fonts.

About the Webmistress

I am generally terrible when it comes to writing about myself though I have realized that I have been on the web for quite some time there is little I actually say about myself. My name is Destinie and I'm a full-time User Experience Designer by day and a self-proclaimed illustrator by night. I love spending time with my husband, cooking, cats, anime, video games, digital art, making fansites, and way too many other things to list. I love meeting new people, especially if you are cool and real, and am always open to talking about similar interests. I thought having a fanlisting collective would be a great way to see all the things that I like in one place without having me ramble on about it.

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